Infinity Room

sensory room project with dr. bob's place, a children's hospice in Baltimore, MD. Jenna Frye, Jason Corace, Jay Gould, Bianca Box, Stephen Towns.

The Infinity Room at Dr. Bob's

The Infinity Room at Dr. Bob's: A collaborative sensory room installation at Dr. Bob's Children's Hospice. 
2013- present
Jenna Frye, Jason Corace, and Jay Gould
Photo Credit: Jay Gould
Grant Support: Ronald McDonald House and MICA's Office of Community Engagement
Creative Team: Francesca D'Uva, Hana Jakobs, Ian Privett, Karyn Lao, Lucas Haroldsen, Mary Reisenwitz, Nick Fogarty, Colin Foster, and Rachel Yalisove.
Guardian Angels: Bianca Box and Stephen Towns
Community Partner: Dr. Bob's Place, providing specialized pediatric palliative care for children living with a life-threatening illness and support for their families throughout the greater Baltimore/Washington area.

Dr. Bob's Place

Dr. Bob's Place

What is a Sensory Room?

The term sensory room is used widely and broadly to describe therapeutic spaces designed to assist in the development of the senses, and sensory awareness. Sensory rooms are typically designed to utilize a therapeutic environment in order to affect a specific behavioral, social or emotional change in a patient.

Project Mission

Our vision for the sensory room at Dr. Bob’s was to design a space that was specific to the needs of pediatric hospice medicine where the core function of the sensory room will be palliative care. It was/is our intention to design a space that will both stimulate and relax, offer a psychological and spiritual retreat, and hopefully delight and amaze. We imagined a sensory room that through the use of artfully designed interaction, might offer the community at Dr. Bob’s a therapeutic and normalizing, experience with the infinite.

Phase One

Three Scenes: Ocean, Space, Forrest

Three Scenes: Ocean, Space, Forrest

With the gracious support of the Ronald McDonald House and MICA's Office of Community Engagement, our incredible team of talented students and faculty set out to begin to design the Infinity Room at Dr. Bob's. The centerpiece of the room is the custom therapeutic waterbed and caregiver seating pictured above. 

Our phase one goals were to create as clean and blank of a space as possible to build within and to address several areas: 

  • Furniture: Featuring a therapeutic waterbed designed to take pressure off of aching joints and allow for a feeling of weightlessness and calm as well as a custom seating area for caregivers. All furniture was designed, fabricated, upholstered and installed by our creative team.
  • Textiles: Our team designed and fabricated three full sets of quilts we call texture-scapes which are made up of a patchwork of highly resilient and very touchable fabrics (able to withstand high cleaning temperatures). We also fabricated pillows, and bolsters for adjustable seating options.
  • Lighting: We initially installed several fairly intense and adjustable LED Light bars that would coordinate with the projections but found them to overwhelm the space. Currently being revised in phase 2.
  • Visuals: Three gentle and soothing scenes of original, generative animation were created by Jason Corace to coordinate with the room's lighting. We projected on the ceiling since many patients are bound to their backs.
  • Sound: Three original looping soundtracks in full surround sound were designed by Peabody student and musical genius Francesca D'Uva. 

Phase Two

Updates to follow as the project continues to evolve.