Good Ideas for Googelized Brains


Good Ideas For Googelized Brains

Good Ideas for Googelized Brains: Presentation 2011

By: Jenna Frye

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Siena Heights Presentation


This talk was originally given at the 2011 NASAD convention where a kind of amazing thing happened: people at a conference listened and engaged at 9 in the morning! This is a talk about a new generation of learners and the divergent knowledge acquisition models I notice our students displaying. These are ideas I’ve used to change the dynamic of my classroom into an engaging space for educational discovery. Hopefully. You guys know how it goes in the classroom-- you win some, you loose some I always say.

These Kids Today With Their Hair and Their Clothes

In some ways, today's student is a real kitten of a different color. But in other ways, they're not any different than you or I were in college. We all sat through some non-so-great classes with less-than engaging faculty, for way too much money. Some of us may still sit through not-so-great meetings/presentations for not enough money! Amirite ladies?

The thing is, today's student has something many of us didn't: the internet. Ok, I had it. I may be dangerously close to being an actual in the flesh milenial. But I didn't have web 2.0 or anything. THE HORROR. And I don't know about you, but I'm in no condition to compete with the internet. Good Ideas for Googelized Brains outlines some strategies to stay competitive in this age of pointing and clicking and shit that lights up and makes noise. You know, for now, until the next time a major adaptive shift becomes necessary. So i guess like, next semester?? ;-) (this joke will work whenever you read it-- that's the beauty of it...)


Here are some examples of what I'm talking about in this presentation.

  • Visual Syllabus: This is a syllabus for a survey course in digital literacy, art practice and theory called "Electronic Media and Culture.
  • Converting a "Lecture" into a "Reading" : This is an introductory lecture on nerding. That's an official term. 
  • Digital Albers: This is an activity I offer to students to both learn to manipulate the Illustrator world of fun and also to examine color theory in a digital workspace. Open this document in Illustrator to view the instructions.